Carol Santalucia, MBA


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Toya Gorley, MBA

Director of Client Services

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Sarah Fay, MBA

Director of Operations

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After 28 years at Cleveland Clinic in various patient experience leadership roles, Carol Santalucia formed her own consulting firm, Santalucia Group, with the goal of igniting passion and purpose throughout healthcare to improve the experiences of patients, families, physicians and employees. Today, Santalucia Group has worked with over 35 healthcare organizations nationwide to strengthen relationships and create meaningful experiences for everyone involved in healthcare interactions.


Carol Santalucia and her team, Toya Gorley and Sarah Fay, base their work on a philosophy that every interaction matters. Santalucia Group works with organizations to help teams reconnect with the passion that initially brought them into the healthcare field. We provide a thorough assessment of the organization, identifying strengths and opportunities for the patient experience strategy, and then building upon the current successes, we provide a very customized, relationship-based approach for improvements.


Igniting passion and purpose to improve the healthcare experience.