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Short, interactive sessions that reinforce the skills

C.A.R.E. Chats are 15- to 20-minute interactive lessons used in department meetings and huddles to reinforce the concepts and practice the skills introduced in the Communicate with C.A.R.E.® class. Facilitated by managers or coaches, Chats enable participants to relate Communicate with C.A.R.E.® to their specific areas so the communication model is real and applicable to the unit/department's unique environment.


During the Chats, participant will:

  • Review philosophies and skills covered in the Communicate with C.A.R.E.® class.
  • Apply skills to specific departments and unique patient situations.


Every employee plays an important role in creating meaningful experiences for patients, families, visitors and staff. Sustaining skills learned by utilizing C.A.R.E.® Chats compliments the complete series and program.


Contact us for more information on how Communicate with C.A.R.E. can positively impact your organization's experience.

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