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Ensure your employees have the skills to handle every situation

Communicate with C.A.R.E.® emphasizes the use of empathetic communication during every interaction and provides a framework for addressing disappointment. During this highly interactive class, participants will discuss their role in delivering an exceptional experience as well as learn and practice the steps of the Communicate with C.A.R.E.® model.


The C.A.R.E.® model emphasizes the role every caregiver plays in the customer experience and teaches the skills to:

  • Connect with customers and their loved ones.
  • Communicate effectively with each other.
  • Address concerns and complaints with empathy.


After attending the Communicate with C.A.R.E.® class, participants will be able to:

  • Define patient experience and discuss why it’s important.
  • Describe the Communicate with C.A.R.E.® communication model.
  • Identify opportunities to practice service recovery.
  • Practice the steps of the Communicate with C.A.R.E.® model.


The C.A.R.E.® Class can be taught in one of two ways. We can come in and do the training, or, we recommend, employing our successful train-the-trainer model. This model allows you to train on your schedule and creates built-in program champions from the start. Click here to learn more about our successful train-the-trainer model.


Every employee plays a role in creating an exceptional customer experience. Contact us to learn more about Communicate with C.A.R.E.® and the impact it can have on your culture.

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It was so valuable to have an open discussion with employees from every discipline so we can take ownership of our service and build a team rapport to ensure everyone is working toward great service.

—  C.A.R.E. Class Attendee

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