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Create a set of champions to teach your entire organization

We recommend employing our successful train-the-trainer model that will develop a set of trainers who are responsible for training all staff in the Communicate with C.A.R.E.® model.


This two-day, intense train-the-trainer session will motivate, inspire and support trainers to be champions for empathetic communication. Trainers will also be introduced to the Communicate with C.A.R.E.® class and taught the skills to successfully teach the class to their peers.


During this session, trainers will:

  • Understand the trainer’s role in the Communicate with C.A.R.E.® program.
  • Learn facilitation skills to deliver the Communicate with C.A.R.E.® Class.
  • Practice teaching Communicate with C.A.R.E.®


Every employee plays a role in creating an optimal patient experience. The Communicate with C.A.R.E.® Train-the-Trainer session is just one part of a complete series of trainings, including a leadership development session, a class for all employees that teaches the Communicate with C.A.R.E.®  model and trainings that emphasize sustaining the skills.


Contact us for more information on Communicate with C.A.R.E.® and how we can impact your culture.

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Before presenting, I was very nervous. Speaking in front of people is not a part of my everyday nature. Presenting here today was nerve racking. It was not until the feedback from my peers that I felt confident. They gave me confidence to know I can be a trainer. Before the train the trainer session, I thought, “How can I do this?” Now I feel “I can do this.” Thank you everyone for giving me the tools to be able to teach this program to my teammates. I know the message and practice of it will be successful through our institution. Thank you!

—  C.A.R.E. Train-the-Trainer Attendee

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