Coordinate care in a way that benefits the patient, the community and your organization's bottom line

Patient navigation, also referred to as population health management, is a model of care that is rapidly expanding in under-served communities and medical institutions across the nation. Organizations that can effectively manage population health will be best positioned to thrive in the new era of healthcare.


Santalucia Group has experience developing and implementing population health management strategies that meet the unique needs of your organization and targeted population. Together, we can improve care coordination, enhance the patient experience, and integrate care through community partnerships.


Santalucia Group can help your organization develop and implement care coordination programs, including:

  • Identifying target populations and programs that align with your organizational priorities
  • Evaluating program criteria and setting realistic benchmarks
  • Organizing and managing pilot program collaboration
  • Integrating community partnerships into your program
  • Reviewing policy, procedure and documentation standards


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