Create a culture of ownership and continuous improvement by implementing proper service recovery processes and systems

Even with great service, occasionally customer expectations are not met. The traditional models of reactive complaint handling or relying on giveaways rather than sincere apologies are no longer viable in today's competitive healthcare market. Our Communicate with C.A.R.E.® training encourages all employees to take ownership of problems, concerns and complaints at the point-of-service, teaches skills to express empathy during these challenging situations and establishes a mindset for process improvement so that employees feel vested in making the experience better for patients, their loved ones and coworkers.


Practicing service recovery at the point-of-service has been shown to lead to:

  • A more efficient use of patient advocates.
  • An increase in patient loyalty for those whose concerns are addressed before they left the
  • facility.
  • A cost-savings of $1 million for every dissatisfied patient you avoid.
  • A higher overall satisfaction rating.


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