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Home; Marine Vinyl / Non-Skid; Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl Flooring; Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl Flooring. Infinity's Luxury Woven Vinyl? (LWV) is designed and constructed with their.

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If you're looking to replace your boat flooring, both vinyl and carpet can be stylish and look really great. But which one of them would best fit your needs on your boat or pontoon?

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Re: Vinyl vs Carpet? i personally believe carpet has no place in a boat. if you must, it should be removeable as a lot of the new higher end boats are doing.

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Considering pulling the carpet and switching to vinyl. Wondering if anyone who has vinyl would share their pros and cons for vinyl flooring.

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Re: Marine Vinyl flooring Vs. Carpet I'd rather be playing on my boat than maintaining it. I ordered my boat last year with the vinyl and am very pleased I did so..

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Pontoon Boat & Deck Boat Forum.. However, if I ever remodel the boat, I think I would go with snap in carpet over vinyl -- best of both worlds.

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Hey all, I was just curious if anyone had one of the Lund boats with the vinyl floors in it.I would like to know how you like it, along with the pro’s i’d like to hear the cons as well , and.

marine vinyl versus carpet for boat floor

am in the proccess of reflooring my boat, the marina suggest going with the marine vinyl, sheds water easier and easier to keep clean. I wonder how it holds up, noise, slipping etc.

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Has anyone replace carpet with vinyl in their boat? Do you like it? was the replacement very hard? Anything I need to know before starting? Thanks

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Recently a buddy of mine employed a company to completely re-deck his pontoon boat. They asked him whether he wanted carpet or vinyl flooring.

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Mud Bugs were originally made without rattles. We would drill a small hole in the bottom of the bait, insert 3-4 BBs and then seal the hole. Worked like a charm.

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Marine Grade Carpet & Woven Vinyl. Custom made to fit any boat, Dockside Canvas Company's marine grade deck and carpet mats snap down safety and elegance underfoot.

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Anybody ever installed vinyl instead of carpet? Experience? Cost? Where to buy? Etc. I kind of like what I see in the boats at Bass Pro and my carpets

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one of the options i am considering while boat shopping is vinyl flooring instead of carpet.i think vinyl would be more durable and easy to clean but.

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Whats up guys.. First post on this forum and looking for a little help/opinions. Im about to pull the trigger on a new Tracker 175 TXW and having a difficult time deciding between getting.

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So, we're tired of having to scrub the mildew out of the rear carpet on our boat. The carpet stays wet a lot because the rear of my boat sticks out of the slip and is exposed to the elements.

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Marine carpet replacements give your boat a fresh look and a. Carpet/Flooring.. Vinyl flooring is an economical option specifically suitable for pontoon boat.

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If you're looking to replace the flooring on your boat, will you go with vinyl or carpeted flooring? Here's a comparison between the two materials.

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Anybody ever installed vinyl instead of carpet? Experience? Cost? Where to buy? Etc. I kind of like what I see in the boats at Bass Pro and my carpets

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I am going to buy this boat in January 2015 and I am going back and forth on the vinyl flooring vs carpet. I like the idea of no carpet, but don't have enough info about the vinyl.

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Pontoon Boat & Deck Boat Forum. Open and Honest Pontoon Boat Discussion. Skip to content. Site Sponsor - pontoon boat seats,. Vinyl vs carpet is a personal preference.