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11 Jul 2001 I have a deck that is 4 ft wide. It is fully cantilevered and supported by 2x8 floor joists that run from a bearing wall in the middle of the house about 15 ft away. I want to extend the deck another 3 ft. I'm told that if the deck had 

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26 Aug 2016 Click on this link to learn more about basement repairs, remodeling and new home building. This video was the response to an email I received from someone who was looking for a 

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1 Feb 2007 Hi Tim, I live in California, in the San Francisco Bay Area, I own a two story house built in the 80's, I'm planning to remodel my kitchen, I want it to be an open floor plan, as a result I need to remove a load bearing wall, 

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5 Oct 2016 Lumber yards that sell floor joists will have the literature and skill necessary to help you order the proper materials . Follow the engineering specifications when determining how far the joists need to extend under the floor to 

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4 Apr 2014 An easy, step by step instruction on how to sister a floor joist. Also a discussion about building a new bathroom. Stay tuned for more videos about flooring and other home improvements. Thanks for watching!

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members in floors, ceilings and roofs for dwellings' When choosing a joist spac ng, check that your floorboards (or Solid strutting should be at least 38 mm thick timber extending to at least three quarters the joist depth e.g. 200 x 50mm joists 

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Or provide bearing as for joists supporting floor loads only and install continuous blocking, 'rimboard' or boundary joist to support roof and wall loads. For on-site The fundamental requirement is to install joists plumb and hold them upright at supports. The simplest and .. 12 mm (MAX). NOTCH NOT TO EXTEND MORE.

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A joist is a horizontal structural member used in framing to span an open space, often between beams that subsequently transfer loads to vertical members. When incorporated into a floor framing system, joists serve to provide stiffness to the 

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5 Sep 2016 These types of joists are the most difficult ones for the very obvious reason, ceiling weight is hanging while top floor weight is resting on the joist at the same time. There are number of ways to do this, this is the first video and I 

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joists have at least 18” clearance to exposed ground and girders have at least 12” clearance. CRC. §R317.1 (1). 12. Plumbing cleanouts are required to extend to outside the building, above the floor or within 5' of an underfloor access.

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1 Apr 2015 Click on this link for more information about home repairs. This is the last video in our three-part series on how to repair floor joist that is been cut. This is an actual example of a 

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16 Jun 2013 This is the first video in the series from layout to putting down the sub floor. Includes layout, concrete cutting, forms for footing, steel, pouring concrete, removal of form boards, finish coat on the concrete, sills, joists, rough 

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The locations of the beams need to be directly below the edge of the floor joist when the joists are perpendicular to the wall. dimension lumber that the floor joists are made of and should extend back a minimum of three joists from the wall.

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26 Jun 2015 Click on this link for more information about structural engineering, floor framing and home building. This video will provide you with everything you need to know about this type of 

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Framing, in construction, is the fitting together of pieces to give a structure support and shape. Framing materials are usually wood, engineered The studs in a balloon frame extend two stories from sill to plate. Platform framing superseded balloon The platforms may be the boxed structure of a ceiling and roof, or the ceiling and floor joists of the story above. In the building trades, the technique is 

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26 Jul 2010 Im doing a beam system to play I-joists at different angles throughout a house. Im manually sketching the border to the outside face of the wall. No matter what Ive tried though, the joists keep stopping at the interior of the wall, 

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25 Sep 2011 If you install a strap on top of the joist, you would have a problem nailing the floor sheathing.?. Read more . The section of missing wall does not extend the length of the house, only about 1/3 but smack in the middle.

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19 Mar 2012 A continuous guardrail free of midspan posts extending through the top can be used as a handrail, but only if it meets The solution: floor joists for a deck are typically installed at 16 in. on center, which won't properly support 

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1 Apr 2015 If you visit the link above you will find more information about structural engineering and floor framing, . In the first example where the 2nd story wall is load bearing and is perpendicular to the floor joists, do you need to 

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19 Apr 2011 All new openings will need to be spanned by joists, usually steel, to support the walls and floor above. When you're remodelling, rather than extending, any differences in floor level can be overcome by building up – often 

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9 Oct 2015 Click on this link for more video tips on house framing and engineering. This video will provide you with a few examples of how you can pull together unsupported ceiling joist if you're 

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to span three joists. You'll need to perform this step and the next one only if you are straightening a sagging floor before sistering joists. Check the post with a carpenter's level each day and stop extending the jacks once the post is level.

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Jettying is a building technique used in medieval timber-frame buildings in which an upper floor projects beyond the dimensions of the floor the floor below (a technique also called oversailing). The bressummer (or breastsummer) itself rests on the ends of a row of jetty beams or joists which are supported by jetty plates.