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4 Aug 2000 teak is probably the most popular wood for exterior boat trim today. There are several reasons. for one, boat builders like it because teak doesn't require a lot of expensive sanding and varnishing to look good. This means 

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3 Feb 2014 Although teak is an oily wood, the “teak oil” sold in marine stores doesn't usually come from the tree; it's often a mixture of linseed oil, resin, solvents, and driers. It's actually not much different from spar varnish, having similar 

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16 Mar 2014 This is a vid on how I make teak oil look like varnish. It's super easy. A lot of people use a rag to just wipe teak oil on the wood but this method works much better. Sometimes teak oil can last a couple of months without a new 

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31 Jan 2013 Thanks Andy, now I can throw out my 8th grade wood shop staining education! In the spring I want to refinish the teak on the outside of my boat. I believe that teak oil is the only thing that has ever been used on it.

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17 Jun 2011 Varnish and Epoxy~ a Professional wood Finish for teak Part1 . So, I'm using the West Epoxy for the underside and edges of the new marine plywood and then will apply spar varnish to the top/exposed surface. My question 

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8 May 2018 Varnish and various wood oils have been the traditional transparent wood finishes on boats for hundreds of years. This does not mean, however, that slapping four coats of oil on dirty teak will produce a Bristol finish. You'll 

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6 May 2010 A brief tutorial on oiling teak. FMYC recommends Star Brite Tropical teak sealer. 1. Healing QuietLand5 months ago. so is this how they get that shine glass looking wood inside some of these unique boats!????. Read more.

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28 Aug 2015 TotalBoat Marine wood Finish is a protective wood treatment for teak and other wood above the waterline. This flexible, breathable finish provides exceptiona

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26 Jan 2016 Nothing flatters a boat more than the glow of well-varnished wood, but to bask in that glow, someone must suffer through the process of preparing the wood and applying the varnish. Almost all woods other than teak will 

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Therefore, there is no excuse for drab, ugly exterior teak on any boat. Unlike other woods used for exterior trim, the grey weathering of teak rarely extends very far below the surface of the wood. Instead of the tedious scraping and sanding 

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3 Sep 2013 Shipwright Louis Sauzedde shows us some clever tips and tricks for applying varnish. In this video he is putting the first coat of varnish on an old town yacht tender Lizard. Brought to you by Jamestown Distributor - 

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16 Jun 2007 A power washer should never be used in the finishing or refinishing of wood; nor should two-part acid solutions, once popular in the cleaning of teak, that act by dissolving the wood. If you must remove old finish, use a 

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8 Sep 2011 Every time I go to do a boat project and I am not 100% sure of the process I go to the web and search for how other folks have accomplished it. In some cases

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20 Jan 2015 There have been alternatives, mainly in the form of sheets of simulated wood finishes, but they lack the lustre and depth of teak, and while virtually every other aspect of yacht construction has changed to accommodate 

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teak is the most common wood found on pleasure boats, although many wouldn't use the word pleasure in the same sentence as Unfortunately, these oils also cause teak to turn gray or black due to mold and mildew feeding upon the oil.

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10 May 2012 "How To" wood Boat Restoration Series (Complete 20 Disc Set) Available Here: /dvds_for_sale_wooden_boats_tutorails townse

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teak is an almost perfect wood for boats, since it resists rot and is very stable from warpage and cracking. On the downside, it dulls tools quickly because it is full of silica, and the very oil that helps preserve it from rot also makes it hard to paint 

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Any sanding is therefore only damaging. Use of modern cleaning compounds, oils or preservatives will shorten the life of the teak, as it contains natural teak-oil a very small distance below the white surface. wooden boat experts will only wash 

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4 Oct 2011 SEATTLE WASHINGTON PAINTING COMPANY, INTEGRITY finishing, INC. "NEAT, CLEAN & COMPLETE SINCE 1986" Your full service painting contractor. BOAT teak REPAIR.